Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Talking points 8 "Enlightened Sexism":Quotes

            In the “Enlightened Sexism by Douglas we learn of her teenage daughter and  how the media has progressed, but keeps women in an unfair state, by making them sex objects or powerful. Douglas argues that young women are not as powerful as they seem in the media, because there are men setting the boundaries of how far they can go.
One quote that I found interesting was about girls and academic success, “… girls were getting way too much attention and, as a result, were going to college in greater numbers and much more likely to succeed while boys were getting sent to detention…” (Douglas 2).  Christina Sommers, an antifeminist wrote this in her book. She was blaming feminism and girls progressing on boys getting in trouble. The article says women in higher positions were told to step back.
Another quote I found interesting was on equality, “Now, the media illusion is that equality for girls and women is an accomplished fact when it isn’t” (4). It bring up the fact that women and girls are portrayed as being equal to men, but in the real world once women or girls move forward they are degraded by the male world.
The last quote that I thought was similar to Tolman’s article was, “instead, the wheedling, seductive message to young women is that being decorative is the highest form of power- when, of course, if it were, Dick Cheney would have gone to work every day in a sequined tutu”(5). In Tolman’s article we learned of how women were just in magazine a decoration, while men were active.  Douglas writes that women are only powerful when dressed right or wear the right thing. Douglass ends by stating that women are still in need of work. The quotes I choose relate to the reading because it shows women and girls have been placed in a box out a world run by men.


  1. Great post! I think that women and men should be treated equal,but I have no clue how that will happen unless the media and our society changes.

  2. Great! I did a connections blog to this blog.