Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Talking Points # 4 Teens as Producers of media texts

This 2010 news article features a story on Baltimore teens. Who prefer to use their time producing their own new stories on ABC2. It is great how they get three students prospective on experience in the article. Usually you do not get to read about teens and their experience. There is also a video of the teens’ work. They are professional and on top of everything. The broad room shoot was great they all look like adults, but are showing the world that teens are responsible enough to take on any task. One thing that one of the students said was, “people are so impressed with what I’ve done, that it sets me apart from everyone else.” It counters the statement in Raby’s article that says, “Claire said that teens are scary, insolent, promiscuous, spoiled, insufficiently controlled and not religious enough” (Raby 436). The teens in this video and article seem to be well manner and respectful. They are also working hard to make their production a success. We are also fed the idea that teens are violent and sexual beast. In reality some maybe, but many are not, like these teens in the video. One of the girls in the video said, “One of the biggest things we’ve learned is how to present ourselves and we practice that almost every week.” ABC had enough confidence in the teens to go against the projected stereotypes and hire them for nine years as the video claims.


  1. I like this! Unfortunately, the media shapes our points of views even if we are attempting to not be affected by it. If adults like myself begin to treat teens like humans, maybe we'd have better outcomes.

  2. I really like this piece you wrote. The media manipulates the minds of its audience.