Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Media Artifact: "Thirteen" Preview

Presentation on Media Artifact Thirteen

“Teenagers are depicted as out of control, lacking discipline, wrecking havoc on the adult
 World (Ellis, 1996)” (Raby 444).

In 2003 a review by Todd McCathy it says,"....'Thirteen' is a deliberately unvarnished shock piece designed to give pause to anyone with a daughter approaching teenhood. Catherine Hardwicke's helming debut, which won the jury's directing prize at Sundance, can fairly be compared to the work of Larry Clark, such as "Kids" -- although not as self-consciously provocative or sexually explicit, -- its overriding aim is to tell the startling "truth" about what really goes on in the lives of young teens.” (

1) What do you think about Christensen would say about the second quote based on stereotypes?

2) Do you think that there is an at risk factor in this preview why or why not?

In Raby’s article it says “The storm and becoming are more likely than the others to be naturalized as inevitable, psychological and/or biological features of adolescence. Both are also sites
where teenage sexuality seems to be of central concern: how might the turmoil
of growing up manifest itself sexually?” (431). Can we answer this with the video preview?

3) What do you think the teens in this preview have to deal with most “the storm, becoming, at risk, social problem or pleasure consumption”?

4) Does SCWAAMP fit this preview?

5) I noticed that Tracy is close to her mother like Sarah in Save the Last the Dance. Do you think there is a message that is being sent out?

6) Then she lose the relationship what do you think about the friendship? Why do you think she changes? It is due to growing up or new friends?

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