Sunday, June 12, 2011

Talking Points #5 Krassas: "Mastering your Johnson": Quotes

 In “Mastering Your Johnson” Krassas uses studies by Goffman. The studies were on sexuality in Maxim and Stuff and how sexuality is viewed by men and women. It also looks at white people as being sexier than other races. The article looks at roles given to men and women and how the bodies posing submissively or dominantly and objectification.
One quote that relates to the reading is, “Maxim and Stuff are emblematic of new generation of magazines, marketed to young men whose content is largely aimed at defining sexuality and sexual practice” (Krassas 99). This relates to the text because it speaks about males and their sexuality and how images dictate it.
Another thing that Krassas writes is, “The male gaze frames heterosexuality as an existence where the male identity is not just different than the female identity but more valuable” ( 100). This means that men are more important than women, because she an object he can look at through magazines and other types of media. This quote shows the roles of men and women. It shows men have power just by looking.
The last that relates to the previous verse is, “Goffman notes that men in advertisements are more often depicted as performing a function while women are decorative” (105). This quote is suggesting that women should be passive and men should be active. Most magazines show men as strong and capable, while women are just objects.


  1. There is a philosopher named Michel Foucault who talks about the power imbalance from viewing. The viewed is in the subordinate position while the viewer is in the power position. The same can be said with active/passive.

  2. I think objectifying a woman as a sexual object for a man's pleasure is awful. Isn't this suppose to be the 21st century?